Digital Art

Digital Art

Digital art is art that is produced with a digital medium, and there are many different types of it. Computers are one of the great inventions of the twenty first century, so it is surprising to many that they can be used to create art as well as crunch numbers and allow a way to access the internet. The important thing about digital art, though, is that just like traditional art, it requires an artist to be produced and has a depth of meaning and emotion behind it.

The first type of digital art looks a lot like traditional art. Paintings and drawings can be made on a computer as well as they can be made by using traditional tools like canvases, pencils and paintbrushes. On a computer, however, this art is most often made in professional programs that cater towards artists. An example of these are Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Artists who draw on the computer also rarely rely on a mouse, but instead use a drawing tablet to bring their creations to life on the screen. These consist of a pen, or stylus, and a tablet that is pressure sensitive to allow for the drawings that will be made.[PARAGRAPH] A form of digital art that is rarely seen in the traditional space is 3D art. This type of art consists of 3D objects that the artist makes and animates. This allows an artist to generate entire scenes just by using computer software, and is akin to photography in the world of digital art. Programs that can be used to make 3D digital art include Maya, 3DS Max, and the open source program Blender.

Besides the two main categories, there are others as well. Pixel art, or small graphics that are made pixel by pixel, is another category. ASCII art, or visual art that is made with just text files, exists as well. Finally, music can even be synthesized on the computer, and this has lead to exciting new genres like dubstep and electronica.

If you are looking into a graphic design or art, it is important that you can distinguish between the two main forms of art that dominate the modern art scene. While traditional art still has its place in the world of art and always will, digital art with its computerized tools instead of physical paper and pens is just as exciting and fun to view.

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