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Architectural Salvage

There is a popular saying that things "just aren't made like they used to be" and people are applying that saying to their homes. In some countries around the world, emphasis is placed on efficiency rather than quality when building apartment complexes or subdivisions. Because of this, buildings are being created without much thought to their structure or safety. It is becoming common to have problems like pipes that will burst, the ceiling cracking, the foundation being weak, or the electrical wiring going awry. The frustration and cost accrued from these mistakes can feel like they are as high as Mount Everest! Because of this, many people are turning to architectural salvage as a way to not only repair their home, but to make it more classic and welcoming.

Architectural salvage is about two main things: the style and the quality. For example, most bathrooms are equipped with the typical shower/tub combination and a toilet. A homeowner may find that sufficient but not too exciting. The maintenance that accompanies that particular style of tub may be too frequent or too expensive. He or she may remember when they were little taking baths from a beautiful clawfooted tub, or how few issues they had with it. In this case, both the style and the fine quality of the clawfooted tub would persuade the homeowner to invest both time and money to find and install this tub. That process is called architectural salvage. Homeowners and decorators, and even some home designers are searching through old homes, junk yards, and recycling websites to find and buy these items.

On the opposite side, there are many people who go to home sales, tear apart old homes, and explore through discarded home items for the superior quality furniture and light fixtures to sell them to consumers. They understand that, with the proper treatment, old pieces can age like fine wine and there is a pretty penny for matching a buyer with the proper architectural item. There are numerous websites that are updated regularly with old pieces from the past. Remember to haggle or bargain with the owner for the piece as the price can and should fluctuate on the quality and age of a piece. Buying an older piece can be a lot of fun, and it can add a lot of warmth to a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Architectural salvage is about having pieces of the past in a modern future, and having those pieces work and fit well in your home or backyard. Living in a home with pieces of architectural salvage can be very relaxing and welcoming.

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