Who doesn't love a beautiful fountain? In public spaces, fountains are always a popular relaxation spot. People love to admire their beauty and listen to the peaceful sound of the running water. But you don't have to be out and about just to enjoy the serenity a fountain affords. Installing an affordable outdoor fountain in your backyard is easy as purchasing a kit and following the necessary installation steps. You could install a fountain in your yard in as little as a few hours, or less if its pre-built. The top retailers for purchasing outdoor fountains include The Pond Guy, Wayfair and Hayneedle. If you are interested in installing an outdoor fountain in your yard, read on to learn more.

The Pond Guy is one of the best places to purchase affordable fountain installation kits and waterfalls for your backyard. The Triple Glacier Marble fountain kit includes a triple column fountain and a 1,485 GPH adjustable pump. Installation is easy and the finished product is sure to class up your home. Get it for just $2,949.99. If you are looking for something cheaper and more minimalist, the Basalt Fountain kit features a Basalt stone pillar, a basin, pump and pebbles for as low as $809.99. The Bubbling Boulder Fountain Kit features a natural rock look and an adjustable pump for just $999.99. The Granite Sphere Fountain Kit is designed as the perfect focal point for your yard. The complete fountain kit offers everything you need, including polished pebbles, all for $1,399. Formal waterfall kits can be a little more difficult to install than a typical fountain kit but the results are exquisite. Find kits such as the Atlantic Colorfalls Weir & Basin Kit for as little as $813.98.

For even cheaper outdoor fountains, Wayfair is a great place to start your search. There you'll find fountains like the Ceramic Azul Fountain for as low as $162.99 or the Vargas Polystone Rock Falls Outdoor Waterfall Fountain with LED Light for $223.99. These pre-constructed fountains include the base and pumps. The Resin Semeru Outdoor Floor Fountain is just $177.99. If you are looking for something bigger that's sure not to go unnoticed, the Olen Resin Solar 2 Tier Fountain with LED Light is on sale for a mere $269.99. It includes a solar panel, a rechargeable battery pack and a cord so you can charge it anywhere. But these are just a few options available at Wayfair, check out their website and see what else might work for your yard. Most orders come with free shipping.

Hayneedle offers a terrific selection of affordable and unique fountains that are sure to have your family and friends talking. The Old Fashioned Water Pump Outdoor Fountain is just $129.17 while the Pentole Pot Fountain with Illumination is $155.50. The Alpine Ridge Waterfall Outdoor Fountain looks like a hollowed tree with runoff pouring from the top. It will provide your backyard with a sense of mystique. The 3-tier Napa Valley Garden Outdoor Fountain is constructed of fiberglass and costs just $227.17. Like Wayfair, Hayneedle also sells solar-powered fountains to ensure you aren't running up your energy bill. The Smart Solar Chatsworth 2-Tier Solar-On-Demand Outdoor Fountain can fully charge within one day of sun to provide six hours of battery life. Because Hayneedle offers free shipping for orders over $79, most fountains come with free shipping. Check out Hayneedle online to learn more.