Ford has a way of manufacturing cars and trucks that are as tough as nails. From the days of Henry Ford to this present era, the manufacturer continues to revolutionize the way that consumers view cars and trucks. Ford recently partnered with Volkswagen (VW) to take the auto industry into the twenty-first century. Energy efficiency will be the driving force behind Ford and VW's collaboration. Still, even with the new partnership, Ford proves to remain versatile in its creative process. The brand definitely plans to extend its platform to hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford, however, also has stakes in durability that the manufacturer is not planning to put on the sidelines in the near future. This year’s 2019 lineup of trucks definitely raises the standard in variety and durability.

The 2019 Ford F-150 truck (MSRP: From $28,000) comes with capabilities that lead the way. There is the aluminum alloy body that helps drivers tow anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. The body was created to deliver more strength without weighing down the body. Nearly 80 percent of the overall frame of the 2019 Ford F-150 is made of steel, which means that this truck is truck is truly built to last. The 2019 F-150 really seems to live up to the “Ford Tough” brand.

Outward strength is not the only thing that owners enjoy with the new F-150. This truck also offers incredible technology to drivers. Ford Sync is one of many technological advances available to owners. This system lets owners do everything from starting their vehicles from indoors to planning their next road trip down to the exact details.

There is also FordCo-Pilot360 that lets you take better control of the road. The Pilot360 system has several features that let drivers get a clear view of what is behind and on the side of their trucks. The new F-150 also offers Pro Trailer Backup Assist for those who prefer traveling with a boat or trailer attached. The benefits of the 2019 F-150 are truly bountiful. There is, of course, always another step in the Ford dynasty for those who want something a bit more in terms of ruggedness.

HD Models

The 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty (MSRP: From $43,000) is the ultimate truck for those who want a vehicle that borders on the line of commercial trucks. The V8 diesel engine provides incredible torque and overall power that lets drivers tow up to 21,000 pounds. Taking a trailer across state lines is nothing for this superstar truck that also has enough space to fit several members of the family.

The 2019 F-250 may represent everything to love about heavy-duty vehicles. This truck, however, by no means is a drag regarding weight. The aluminum body of the new F-250 gives drivers the lightweight appeal that they love. There is, of course, a bit of steel mixed in to satisfy the need for strength. Drivers can drive with confidence and rapidity while taking trips in the 2019 Ford F-250.

Perhaps some truck lovers are not interested in the bulkiness of the F-150 or F-250. Such consumers should consider the 2019 Ford Ranger. This midsize pickup truck also offers power with its 2.3L 4-cylinder engine. A smaller motor means that drivers get the most for their money in fuel economy as the 2019 Ranger offers up to 21 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city and about 26 MPG on the highway. This truck has a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, which is quite ideal for those looking for a truck to drive around town.

The Ford Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger (MSRP: From $24,000) is certainly one for looks with its sleek outward appeal and incredible interior features. The infotainment center is definitely something to love as it offers drivers the opportunity to personalize their vehicles. The Ford Sync system allows for better organization so that drivers can be sure to get the most out of their adventures on the road.

When it comes to trucks, there is really only one brand to trust. Ford has a history of building vehicles that are tough enough to rise to any challenge. The 2019 lineup of midsize and full-size trucks definitely follows in the way of tradition. Still, the only way to get a full appreciation for all that Ford delivers is by stopping by a local dealer to test drive a new F-150, F-250, or Ranger.