Taking a vacation with one's family should never be a thing to stress over, and instead it should be something that every member can look forward. Additionally, such family adventures do not have to be expensive, and while extra costs may often prove to increase the level of comfort, they will rarely improve the overall experience. If the vacation proves to be a disaster, it can lead to things from marital arguments to everyone not wanting to take another family trip ever again. However, vice-versa, if the trip is successful and everyone involved has a great time, it can form one of the best lasting memories any family can have, and may greatly strengthen the family bond for many years to come. Therefore, when planning a family vacation it is important to consider several different factors to make sure every single member has a good time and that the trip is ultimately successful.

The most important thing to consider when planning a family trip is the destination, and choosing the right one may often make the trip great, before one's family even leaves. Ironically, choosing the wrong one may be disastrous and will often be the primary cause of the majority of disagreements. This is true for every member of the family that might be going, and the decision making process should not be strictly limited to the parents. While the males may see their best vacation idea to involve a hunting cabin, with no heating nor air conditioning systems, near a lake where they can go fishing, such a choice will in the majority of cases disagree with the female family members. Vice-versa, females choosing to spend several days in a spa resort, may result in males being grateful for bringing their laptops or tablets with them. It is not difficult to see, why choosing this approach is improper, as is ever deciding on any tit-for-tat strategy, where the members who make the choice alternate between trips. This practice, will lead to half of the trips being successful to each group, and none of them may involve the notion of a true family vacation. Additionally, democratic approach may be just as unsuccessful, and instead of choosing the will of the majority, it is more beneficial to instead to reach a compromise and choose a destination where every single member of the family will be able to do something they enjoy.

One family trip idea, which may prove to be very successful, is taking a family cruise. These gigantic ships, which often have amenities of several different hotel resorts combined, offer excellent ways to accommodate every family member, no matter their age, or gender. In addition to the multiple swimming pools, spas, restaurants, nightclubs, and movie theaters, these ships can even go as far as implementing things like full basketball and tennis courts, as well as driving ranges. Additionally, most of these trips will involve a chance to go on several excursions that can range from things like simply visiting and exploring different cities, to more adventurous escapades like scuba and cave diving, or zip lining through a tropical jungle. Ultimately, taking a family cruise can be an excellent way to spend a family vacation.